Morgantown WV is a college town with a rich history. This beautiful city is home to West Virginia University, one of the largest universities in the United States. Its scenic surroundings make it a perfect place to explore. Whether you want to enjoy the outdoors, soak up some culture or shop, Morgantown has plenty of things to offer you.


Morgantown has a vibrant downtown with many restaurants and shops, including a popular outdoor market. The market is open every Saturday and features a huge selection of produce, meats, breads and other delicacies.


You can also visit the Morgantown Museum, which is packed with exhibits about the area’s past. It explores a variety of topics, from the Indigenous Monongahela to mining and steel production. You can also learn about local celebrities like comic actor Don Knotts.


When you’re in Morgantown, be sure to take a walk around the neighborhood’s parks and green spaces. There are some great places to enjoy the scenery, like Dorsey Knob Park and Sky Rock. Check this out


A trip to the city wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the West Virginia Botanic Garden, which is bursting with gorgeous flowers and foliage. You can explore a wide range of trails that weave through the woodlands and wetlands.


If you love art, you’ll want to check out the Art Museum of West Virginia University. This museum is dedicated to promoting diversity and the impact of art on the community. Its collections are a mix of traditional and modern styles.


It also has a lot of special exhibitions and events, including a summer arts festival that takes place each year. You can even get involved in art workshops and meet artists from all over the world.


There are also lots of fun activities for young children, such as the Children’s Museum of West Virginia. You can spend the day here and let your kids have some fun with interactive games, displays and exhibits.


You can also try your hand at a few different sports, such as football and basketball. If you’re a Mountaineer fan, you’ll have a chance to catch a game at the Milan Puskar Stadium, which is located at the West Virginia University campus.


Another thing you can do while in Morgantown is to go on a tour of the campus. There are lots of opportunities to see the university’s sights, including Milan Puskar Stadium and the Earl L. Core Arboretum.


If you are into sports, you’ll have a chance to cheer on the University’s Mountaineers at the Milan Puskar Stadium or in the nearby West Virginia State University Coliseum. Watching a game will leave you with memories that last a lifetime, and you’ll have plenty of chances to watch other events as well.


Getting around in the city is simple thanks to the city’s thriving transit system, Mountain Line Transit. This is a unique way to travel across town, and you can get route maps and more by visiting their website or following them on Twitter.

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